Sofie Biosciences
Sofie Biosciences is creating an ever expanding playing field for molecular imaging with new PET technologies developed by great people with great ideas. The company was founded by leading UCLA and Caltech faculty along with imaging industry professionals who are committed to accelerating the transfer of new healthcare technologies from the laboratory to the clinical and commercial environment. By empowering a wide array of people with valuable, translational imaging tools, they are removing the dependency, cost, and complexity from PET, ushering in the new world of molecular medicine. To learn more, please visit their website or send an inquiry to

Integrated Diagnostics
The mission of Integrated Diagnostics is to leverage powerful emerging technologies in the development of diagnostic products that enable physicians and patients to manage complex and important diseases such as cancer, lung diseases and CNS diseases through blood tests that can monitor tens to hundreds of disease markers simultaneously. The company plans to develop a pipeline of game-changing diagnostic products that enable the diagnosis and prognosis of a variety of diseases. The company is based on the concept of a systems view of disease where pathophysiology arises from disease-perturbed networks of proteins, genes and other molecules. For more information, please visit their website or send an inquiry to

Nanogea is a nano-bioscience company focused on commercializing the industry’s most sensitive single molecular detection platform based on its innovative NanoCone™ chemistry and NanoCone Enabled Atomic Force (NE-AFMTM) technology. Nanogea’s technology represents a dramatic advancement in the field of molecular diagnostics. Nanogea’s NE-AFMTM offers an unprecedented 106 X improvement in sensitivity over other leading diagnostic technologies, thereby enabling significantly early and accurate detection of diseases. Its superior sensitivity also eliminates the need for the complex and costly sample preparation as well as target amplification steps – which are known to cause false positives. Nanogea is currently working with the faculty members of UCLA, University of Texas, USC, and Catholic University of Korea to bring to people early and accurate diagnosis of cancer and infectious disease as well as other medical applications. For more information, please visit their website or inquire at (818) 889-0538.

Moraga Biotechnology Corporation is an adult stem cell-based company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The Company was formed in September 2004, with the scientific founders who have over thirty years of experience in adult stem cell research. For inquiries, please contact them at
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